The Search Party – Simon Lelic


16 year old Sadie Saunders is missing. One of the UK’s biggest missing persons searches is taking place. But Sadie’s friends don’t think the police are looking in the right place. Telling no one, they set out into the woods to find her. The trouble is, each of the five friends has a secret.  Each of them is a suspect.  And not everyone will make it home alive.
In his spine-chilling new thriller, Simon Lelic introduces Detective Inspector Fleet, back in the run-down town that he never planned to return to, where time is running out on what could be the biggest case of his career.

The Search Party had me hooked straightaway. Set in a British (coastal?) town where Inspector Fleet is having to deal with his past and the case presented in front of him. The main focus of the book is around the 5 teenagers as though they were speaking to the police interviewing them.

We all know people like each of the teens, we grew up with them, we are them. We have dealt with their problems (ok maybe not murder). It definitely had a  Broadchurch feel to it, brooding copper etc.

Thanks to Rosie and Ellie at @vikingbooksuk for letting me be a part of this tour.

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